Engineered Plastics in Agriculture Sector

Plastics in agriculture have revolutionized the sector. Modern farming equipment requires materials which can withstand harsh conditions yet give value for money and look good too. Structural parts, under-the-hood parts, interior and exterior surfaces in harvesters and planters are a great success with PA6, PA66 and PBT. They are easy to mold and process. Engineered plastics are especially beneficial in places where abrasion and corrosion is high. This makes them suitable for the agricultural equipment which may have to operate in the toughest environments. Wear and tear is a great problem in agricultural equipment and gear. Polyamides solve it intelligently and cost effectively.

Applications of Polyamides in Agriculture

  • Polyamides are ideal for the abrasive environment for their ability to sustain corrosion and abrasion, light weight and aesthetics.
  • Drip Irrigation Pipes efficiently manage water usage.
  • Polyamides are best suitable for pigmented/filled outdoor applications in high temperature climates, where long-term UV stabilization is required.
  • Polyamides are also suitable to be used in dirty or sandy environments, for example for bearings on agricultural equipment.


Masterbatch is an amalgamation of pigments and/or additives condensed into a carrier polymer resin. This is very concentrated in type which take shape of granules. Additive masterbatches usually help the manufacturers to add colors/pigments or performance-enhancing additives to natural polymers at their own convenience. Color (including Black and White) Masterbatches are used in the agricultural sector in various applications. UV-stabilizers are used extensively in Greenhouse films and mulch films[/accordion_item]

Applications of PA6, PA66, PBT in the Automotive Industry

PA6, PA66 and PBT find a wide range of applications in the automotive industry.

Molding Components

Molding components based on PA6 and PA66 are great for components that need high finish quality. We also produce compounds based on PA6/66 for a number of chassis applications, including engine mounts. High mechanical strength renders molding components made out of PA6 indispensable for center consoles and mechanical components.

Versatile PA6/66

Polyamides are great for under the hood parts. Lower warp, high heat, and good surface make PA6 ideal for wheel covers, seat adjuster levers, and roof racks. High stiffness is an asset for power steering reservoirs. Engineering plastics PA6 and PA66 are used for various engine and transmission parts. Due to higher temperatures and more aggressive chemical environments under-the-hood, such plastics are the best lightweight metal alternative. Glass reinforced PA66 can be used for engine cooling applications such as radiators and tanks.

PBT & PBT Alloys

PBT has very good dimensional stability at high temperatures and hence, is an excellent choice for headlamp structural housings and headlamp and rear lamp bezels and fog lamp brackets. Our PBT Alloys are used in body exterior, brake and fuel line clips, cable liners, and power distribution boxes.

Higher impact resistance, very good electrical properties, and long term heat aging performance make PA6 and PA66 great candidates for:

  • Power Steering Reservoir
  • Roof Rack
  • Seat Adjuster Levers
  • Seat Belt Components
  • Seat Pan
  • Electrical connectors
  • Engine Cover
  • Fuel Filter Housing
  • Fan Blades
  • Light Reflector
  • Wheel covers
  • Wiper covers
  • Plug connectors
  • Power Relays
  • Ignition system components