Consumer Goods


Engineered Plastics for Consumer Goods Industry

We can’t imagine out homes, offices and cars without engineered plastic products. Mobile phones, home appliances, children's toys and many white goods would simply not exist without them. Due to their excellent performance/cost ratios, both PA6 and PA66 are widely used in the consumer goods industry. Due to the properties of easy molding, nice surface aspect, colorability, and excellent mechanical resistance, PA66 is an excellent material where complex designs and cost efficiency are needed.

Applications in the Consumer Goods Industry

  • Writing equipment such as pen caps
  • Kitchen Appliances parts
  • Personal care products such as toothbrushes, sterilizable baby products, shavers and epilators
  • Super tough PA 6 and PA 66 grades for Sports and Leisure products such as goggles, bike handles, ski poles, shoe arch supports High flow, glass reinforced grades provide an economic material for CFL applications.
  • Impact resistant plastic choices for sporting goods, from helmets to snowboards
  • PA6, PA66 is used to manufacture chairs and seats owing to their great surface quality, and resistance to dirt and ageing. 
  • Polyamides with high glass fiber content are great for wall racks and shelf supports.
  • Reinforced and impact modified grades are good for goods like chairs and consumer durable parts
  • Polyamide resins (PA6 and PA66) are valuable in all-purpose engineering materials for the Outdoor Power Equipment sector of consumer goods. They can be used in diverse applications ranging from engine covers to fuel tank systems.
  • Cell phone parts and IT products

We make a wide range of colored as well as black and white masterbatches to be used in different plastic processing techniques and applications. These masterbatches are produced with maximum loading of high performance pigments. The high heat stability and excellent dispersion make them a good option for consumer goods.