Electrical & Electronics


Polyamide – The Hero of the Electrical & Electronics Industry

Excellent insulating properties, mechanical strength, and flame resistance make polyamides, namely, PA6 and PA66 a favorite in the electrical and electronics industry. PBT, Polybutylene Terephthalate, another thermoplastic, has several applications as housings in electrical engineering, connectors, switches, chip sockets, cable liners, terminal boards, power sockets, fiber optic buffer tubes, and transformer insulation. Alloys of PBT are good for heavy duty housings, connectors, and switches.

Several grades of the polyamides facilitate a variety of uses in electrical and electronics industry:

  • Unfilled grades can be used for general purpose molding to make switch parts, knobs, motor insulation parts, fuse box, plugs, and sockets
  • Flame retardant premium grades can be used to make modular switches, printed circuit board frame, MCB housing, switch parts, coil former, and relay parts. Flame retardant PBT is successful in microwave oven timer shells and igniters.
  • Mineral reinforced grades are good for switch and instrument housing due to low warping and increased toughness.
  • Halogen free grades are great for USB sockets.
  • When reinforced by glass, PA6 /66 exhibit outstanding mechanical properties, especially high heat distortion temperature. Glass reinforced grades are used mainly for electrical meter enclosures.
  • PBT resin mixed with other plastics, when reinforced, can make electrical and electronic apparatus.
  • Optical Fiber Cable PBT can be directly used to make cable sleeve. Due to its high insulation performance and stability in wet and high temperature, it is the preferred choice.
  • Additive reinforced PBT is good for electromotor plastic parts due to high melting point and favorable thermal stability.
  • Compounds can be created with polyamides with special properties for: • Casings • Function parts • Displays • Operating elements • Assemblies subject to heavy loads • Metal substitutes

With excellent insulating properties, great mechanical strength, and variety of flame retardant grades, polyamides are definitely the answer to replace conventional materials with high performance plastics.