Polyamides Revolutionize Textiles Industry

Our innovative PA6, PA66, PBT grades & masterbatches are well known for successfully fulfilling the needs of textile industry. We provide just the right type of polyamide for most requirements. Garments of all kinds are made from these versatile products. Our products are used in many textile applications in which performance and adaptation of solutions to meet specific requirements are critical factors.


  • PA6 & PA66 engineering plastics specialized for textile accessories.
  • PA6 & PA66 are widely used in the components of textile machinery.
  • Grades with built-in UV stabilizers reduce the harmful impact of sunlight and prevent yellowing and physical degradation.
  • Homogenous dyeing ability of color, white and black masterbatches makes the textiles look bright and ideal for apparel.

General Applications

  • Apparel – dresses, garments, innerwear, raincoats, sports apparel
  • Home Furnishings – bedspreads, curtains, upholstery, carpets
  • Industrial Textiles – tire cords, hoses, parachutes, sleeping bags, tarpaulins
  • Other textile goods - artificial leather and ropes, packaging material