Wires & Cables


Ideal Polymers for Your High Performance Wires and Cables

Wires and cables made with engineering polymers may require less material due to their thinner walls. Hence, the cables may become less expensive, yet have superior physical properties, such as improved flexibility at low temperatures, easier routing through tight spaces, improved flex fatigue performance, and good abrasion resistance.

Our PA6, PA66 and PBT molding compounds are available in various grades such as unreinforced, reinforced with glass fibers and flame retardant grades. PA6 is remarkable for its high mechanical strength, stiffness and thermal stability. Due to its excellent properties, this material has become indispensable as a high-grade electrical insulation material and for many special applications.

  • PA6, PA66 grades are the ideal alternative for PVC in DC and AC power cables as well as data cables such as USB (Universal Serial Bus) or HDMI. 
  • Halogen-free flame retardant grades are suited best for wire & cable materials.
  • Polyamides are great as protective thin outer sheath to replace less durable thermoplastics used on wire insulation.
  • Optical Fiber Cable PBT can be directly used to make cable sleeve. Due to its high insulation performance and stability in wet and high temperature, it is ideal for cable liners.
  • PA6 and PA66 compounds can be extruded over other plastics as a thin, durable layer of insulation.
  • High heat resistance makes these engineering plastics ideal for high temperature electrical insulation and jacketing.
  • Non halogen grades comply with industry requirements and also have excellent flame resistance performance.
  • PBT is used for tubing of loose optical fiber cables because of its relatively high modulus, good processability and its compatibility for the gel used for filling.
  • Nylon masterbatches are good for optical fiber cables due to good color strength, light fastness and heat stability. Lead free masterbatches are ideal for high end Auto cables and cords of electronic appliances.