Black Masterbatch


Black Masterbatch


It is also one of the largest selling color and has unlimited potential in the market. We use the best quality carbon black and have a range of over 50 black masterbatch formulations, some with carbon loading of upto 55% in different grades and shades. We use specialty additives and processing aids which causes carbon black to get easily and uniformly dispersed in carrier resin.


  • Less dosage & Excellent Dispersion
  • Opacity with low addition level
  • High heat stability
  • Non migrating
  • Non Toxic


  • Films (Mono/Multilayer)
  • PPR-Pipes
  • Multifilament Yarn
  • Lamination/Tarpaulin
  • PP Molded and extruded products
  • Blow/Roto Molding
  • Non-Woven Fabrics




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