Additive masterbatches


Additives Masterbatch



Industries working with polyethylene and polypropylene come across blocking as one of the major problems. These industries are engaged in the production of plastic films which are further used for packaging as bags or for any other industrial use. Blocking is when two layers of these plastic films adhere to each other. To overcome this problem, Antiblocking Masterbatch comes to the rescue. Adding antiblock reduces the tendency of the plastic sheets to stick to each other

Anti-Static Agent Additions of these anti-stats reduce the problems of static electricity and are hence considered beneficial to the industry.
Foaming Agent Foaming or blowing agents have many processing and cost saving advantages such as to cause reduction in weight , Save raw materials , Eliminate warping, Remove sink marks or bossing, Reduce cycle time, Increase wall stiffness etc.
Heat Stabilizer (Anti-oxidant) Heat stabilizers are crucial to withhold the process of degradation of the polymer. Heat Stabilizing agents are added to the polymer to give it stability, added strength, heat and weather resistance, and enhanced general physical properties. Antioxidants are added to stop oxidation reactions of the polymers occurring due to exposure to sun, heat, and other weather conditions.
Nucleating Agent Nucleating agents work by modifying the way molten polymers crystallize themselves. They also reduce the super-cooling temperature of the agglomerate. Super-cooling is the difference between melting and crystallizing temperature. When the polymer cools down completely, it is 60% in the crystalline state and 40% in the non-crystalline state.
Optical Brightener Optical brighteners are also called as fluorescent whitening agents, optical brightening agents (OBAs) or fluorescent brightening agents (FBAs). These are chemical compounds in form of dyes or pigments which are added to the polymer to enhance its appearance and bright quality.
PPA Polymers processing agents (PPA) make the particles of the polymer stick to each other. This allows them to melt faster. Temperature is kept lower, thus saving electricity. This also reduces heat degradation of the polymer.
Siloxane These polymer additives serve as a processing aid by improving the properties of the polymer and functioning as a surface improvement agent.
Slip Agent These additives when added to the polymer reduce the high coefficient of friction, thus enhancing its processing ability.
Purging Agent Purging Masterbatch helps you maintain your product and extends the life with its efficient cleaning property
Desiccant Masterbatch Desiccant Masterbatch takes care of any defects arising due to presence of moisture in the polymers, thus improving their properties during operation


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